So just a quick update in life, went to go see Weird Al Yankovic at the Fox downtown a few days ago.  Man is that guy awesome.

Now i will say this, i am Biased, i have purchased every CD of his i could find, and i have attempted to watch everything the man has done.  Yes i’m a fan.  But more then that, i like the atmosphere.  Here is a man who will make fun of anyone, and maybe even piss some people off (which i truly don;t get, to me that would be hilarious) and he will do it in a way that is not degrading, but truthful and, well, hilarious.

He is also a man who has made a living in comedy, just not int he George Carlin or Dane Cook kind of way.  He took Dr. Demento to the next level so to speak, among other comedy song writers, and did it all with his own code of ethics so to speak and in his own way with great control.

But the kicker for me is the atmosphere.  I have been to plenty of concerts.  Ones where there have been amazing stage shows, like for Linkin Park and Iron Maiden.  Shows where the band does no interaction with the crowd and others where they “walk among the crowd” and all sorts of levels, but it is always sort of pointed out (by the security security escort) that these people are different from us.  And i will agree sometimes (a lot) the fans are a bit overzealous and accidents happen.  Yes we the people do need to calm our heads.  But in Al’s case, he walks into the crowd, no security, interacts with them, has them sings parts of songs, and all in all you feel like your a bigger part of the show.  In a way when you as a crowd is asked to do something, it doesn’t feel contrived, or rehearsed, it feels like they truly are getting energy from you to make the stage show better.  Maybe that’s just me, but it’s my opinion.

Anyways, the main point i was getting to was also how his music sticks with you.  I have been listening to Al since i was probably 10 years old (so 1990 ish).  my first CD i bought of his was Off The Deep (although i had heard many of his earlier works)  end and i was hooked, from there i  went backwards through the catalog of things to buy, and as they came out int he future, they were mine right away.  But all through the formidable years of shaping personalities for young boys, Al had always stuck with me in his lighthearted humor and in a way, the interviews he had done showing he was a calm guy with weird quirks.  And to this day, that’s a great way to describe me.  While at his concert one thing rang through (at both shows i saw) was that no matter how much time had passed, i knew damn near every word to every song he played, new and old.  That to me, was when it hit me that this is a man who touches people, with his music, in a way that sticks with you until the end of time.

So with that i simply say, keep doing everything your doing al, keep making parodies, take less and less shit for them and keep putting them out there, your fans will always be on your side.  And when you finally do hang up the accordion, and sit back and smile at all the great things you did, i can only say i hope the man who takes up the mantle, will have the integrity you show, and make the next generation and ravenous for music as you have made us.

Motivation, how i lack thee.

Posted: 10th April 2012 by Garaxiel in Dungeons and Dragons

Ok, so over the weekend Wifey was feeling under the weather.  So i figured with her down, i’ll do things in and around the house so i  can take care of her.  I finished off one PC for a customer (2 to go!)  Did some laundry, and a little bit of cleaning.  While i waited for the laundry and dishwasher to finish cleaning, i figured i’d pop in Assassins Creed Revelations.

Now, here is my thought process:

Instead of replaying ME2 so i can start ME3, i’ll take a short break for a couple of days and play some AC:R as a change of pace, i know i don;t have much time but it’s ok, i won;t get sucked in.

See where i went wrong there?  yeah, needless to say 3 hours later i realized my short break was not so short, finished dishes, laundry, put the wife to bed THEN STAYED UP ANOTHER 3 HOURS PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!!

i was a wee bit tired yesterday cuz of it.

Thankfully last night i was busy, and didn’t play at all.  Downside:  i was busy and i also didn’t work on y D&D Campaign maps (SORRY GUYS!!!)

Maybe today i can at least get one map done before we play tonight.

Also, i have decided this blog will also be used for the musing of myself as a Dungeon Master/ Dungeon Crawler.  I’m going to post, as time permits, revelations, funny things, musings, and other stuff D&D Related on top of my already lackadaisical postings on here.

But before you write this off as me talking out my blowhole, i implore you to walk the path of Jake’s character Marin, and allow me to use a “wait wait” ability, to keep your eyes lingering here.  For more updates that is.

Why can’t i find the time?

Posted: 2nd April 2012 by Garaxiel in General

Like everything else in life, time appears to be in short supply.  I login here, i maintain the website, i check it, but i find setting aside time to write in it hard to do.

I will try though.  Like today.

What can we do about our house?  i’m curious.  Other then walking away or short sale on the damn thing, i have yet to find anything i can do.  I’m not backed by Fannie or Freddy.  I’m about 125% underwater give or take, and i and not Serviced by Wells Fargo.  Basically, i feel fucked.  I hate to lose my house or even walk away and sell it, but i also refuse to keep getting screwed month after month doing the right thing.  I pay all my bills, never late, pay extra even, and what am i getting in return?  a fucking headache.

So what really are my options? i feel like i don’t have any.  Well none that i like anyways.

Well that’s all i have time for today.  more soon, hopefully.

Interesting graphical view of Jobs

Posted: 30th August 2011 by Garaxiel in General

Interesting graph about Job Outsourcing. Makes sense too

++ Click to Enlarge Image ++
Where in the World are American Jobs? [INFOGRAPHIC] |
Image Source:

Wow………….talk about no time.

I’m actually putting off some work and giving my brain a rest to type this, because i need it.

I’m not dead, i plan to keep this site alive, i also plan to use it more especially as my life evolves.  I plan, until something better comes up, to use this site as my home, my base of operations for my life and my voice.  Facebook, Google Plus, all these are great services, but they are not mine, like this.  Leo LaPorte really summed it up well saying that you need something that is truly your own in today’s world, and this is it.

What has been going on in my life?  oh lots of work, but that’s boring so let’s talk about Fun Stuff

First, let’s talk about Google Plus.  It’s pretty awesome,  it may not be as full featured as Facebook, but i think that is why i like it.  I think i also like the fact that not everyone and their brother is on it, i can read statuses and updates of people that are directly related to what i am looking for, and very easily too.  I know that if i geek out on a post, like minds will read it for the most part.  I think this is something that has long been lost on Facebook.  there is  a million and 50 updates a second about everything and it’s not what i want.  I truly don’t care about your farm, city, or whatever and what color duck you just got, that does not interest me at all.  Then there is the inane updates, the i’m eating cereal, while cool you can do that, i don;t care, that’s more of a personal skip over thing.  When you tell me something funny, or useful, or insightful about your life, i care.  and i feel that is what is lost tot he Facebook community at large and is still active on Google Plus because all the other flotsam is not present. That’s not to say that the Flotsam won’t appear over time, but i feel Google has better controls in place to help keep it at bay. Personally, i would love to see a “game notification” thing that keeps them completely separate from your normal stream so when they do arrive, you have to go looking for them should you choose.  I also hope you don;t need to “add people” to play games and they find a better way of doing it. In fact, i just posted that in Google+ so lets see what happens.

Next, i’m looking at a Nook Color.  I have had a Dell Streak 7inch for about a month now from my Dell rep to play with, i like it, i’m enjoying it, but i don’t have a ton of use for it……except for reading. To be honest, it was pretty useless until i rooted it and put Honeycomb on it because 2.2 just plain sucked on it.  Decent hardware but 2.2 just did not work fluid on it. I’ll post my review i am sending to dell on here soon, after i send it to them. But anyways, i think the Nook Color for it’s size and price point, plus the openness of it (putting Cyanogen on it and such) really makes it one of the cheapest options out there for what i want.  i admit i was looking at the HTC Flyer and the Samsung 10.1 and while i am drooling over the 10.1, i think i like the 7 inch formfactor because it is much more conducive to reading.  Then again, i do also find myself using things like Netflix more and i wonder if it is that much better on the 10.1 versus the 7.  I really wish i had a 10.1 to compare it to the 7.

Well those are my 2 fun things, at least for now, comment on here with your thoughts and let’s get talkin!


What a great day

Posted: 26th March 2011 by Garaxiel in General

What a great day to celebrate my birthday.  I also get to see a good friends daughter celebrate being one and my cousin celebrate their birth of their first baby boy. Yay :)

Posting from the road

Posted: 13th February 2011 by Garaxiel in General

Yay! Now I can post from the road on my phone. Could help me post more. We shall see….

Now that we’re back….

Posted: 9th February 2011 by Garaxiel in General
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I admit, part of me not posting was the lack of comments.  The other portion of it has been, well, real life.

Being in charge of this project at work has led to me having less then little time for anything.  Now yes, i admit at night, i could be updating this blog.  But to be honest when i get home my brain is fried and my creativity is Nil so writing just doesn’t seem to “work”.

As far as things go, like most people, it’s been working around the house and playing with the dog and hanging with the wife.

One thing not expected was my DLP TV going south.  Interestingly enough, DLP’s can be affected by a “dead pixel” sort of death like an LCD.  The difference is that the DLP is a chip going bad that starts to lock the mirrors in an ON position giving us “white dots” like a dead LCD.

Regardless, my TV was replaced with a nice new Vizio 42 inch LCD TV.  Now, while i like my new TV very much, one thing i noticed is some programs look grainier on it.  All in all though, things are much brighter and cleaner on the new tv.

Well, i think it is time for me to get back to learning about GPS and Modem setup and everything associated with our new deployment program.  Ugh.  Not fun.

It is fixed…..

Posted: 9th February 2011 by Garaxiel in General

So i finally had time to look at the problem of this site and well, it’s fixed, comments are available again :)

End of 2010…

Posted: 31st December 2010 by Garaxiel in General
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So today we have the last official day of 2010.

Some people are excited for the year to be over, some are not, but regardless everyone is excited for the new year.

Things i want to leave with people for 2010:

This year, be it filled with more ups or downs had both.  Remember the up’s, they will keep you going on days ahead when you need them, but also remember the downs. In some ways the downs are more important.  The down’s this year were because of a choice you made, or because of something natural (like death).  Now sure, you can’t control Death, but you can control the lessons you learned.  Those lessons from the down times are infinitely more valuable.  The happy memories will get you through the hard times, but the lessons will keep you from having the same hard times.

Other things to remember:  Being sick sucks, family is great, and everyday you should strive to do something to make your life better, it could be cleaning a room, or waking up early to workout.

Also, do things in small steps.  All those small steps add up more then one large leap, and it’s easier to maintain.

So cheers everyone, enjoy and the end of the year, be safe, and let’s make it a great new year together :)

EDIT: Ok so i know comments cannot be left, not sure what is up, i will fix it :)

Ode To Being Hacked….

Posted: 25th December 2010 by Garaxiel in General
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I awake on Christmas morn you see

To friends, family, and childhood glee

i check my email, and facebook too

and see a message from a friend, boo hoo

it says my website has been hacked

i check it and see, and i shed a little tear

on the website i get, for the tech support i need

and like a flash, things are back, weehee!

SO to you the hacker, i say good game, it was not malicious, just silly (and kinda lame) but good call on finding the loophole you used.

So i Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas, i will attempt to write more in the new year, hopefully :)

But i also need more things to write about, well, we shall see…….

Body Counts

Posted: 19th August 2010 by Garaxiel in General

Even though this movie may or may not be good (and to be honest, i don’t care i still am going to see it) i think this is an awesome poster for the movie

Expendables Count
Via: Term Life Insurance

Along came a boy…

Posted: 27th July 2010 by Garaxiel in Computers
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And he sucked horribly at updating his blog.  And he is sorry. And And And……..

Well I’m not dead, but I am busy.  Hopefully though, that will all change :)

As in, I’ll just sit and write and not keep forgetting when I have good things to write about.

So Starcraft II Comes out today.  I want it, i really do.  I want it just because i enjoy playing it.  Do I think they did anything major as far as how the game is played? In  a way, new units, new rebalancing.  It’s still a solid product.

So why did I not go get it and am not out playing it? Because I don’t agree with how it is being released.  for $60 today I get the game, all the online play, new (which is pretty awesome) and the Terran Campaign.

All that, ok pretty cool.  But there will be 2 more expansions, speculated at being again $60 a pop, and one will be the Zerg campaign, and the other will be the Protoss campaign. Now if you would have said 10 or even 15 an expansion, sure, no problem.  But a Full on $60 a pop for another chapter???? that’s total CRAP.

Needless to say I have ranted on for hours and hours about this, and while I’m still on the fence, and I may still buy it, I won’t be happy about it.  Then again, i may just wait for the collection to come out and do it that way.  Who knows.

Hopefully there is more info soon and a clear outline of prices.

Returning….and updating…at least for now.

Posted: 25th May 2010 by Garaxiel in General
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Well I gotta say, I just have a hard time Updating, Life takes over and I have alot on my plate.  But I’ll try and rectify that (since work has been a little slower).

The Wife and i just got back from our Honeymoon.  4 days in London, 6 days in Ireland.  What a great time that was.

Also, The Wife today had a job interview today.  needless to say GOOD LUCK HONEY!!! even though i been saying it all day and i know she will do well, i wanted to say it again.

Also, the puppy is doing well, got my backyard landscaping done (well ready for plants and some got plants planted, still need more plants)

And unfortunately, that is the bulk of my update.  Sorry, but it happens :)

more later especially links to pictures.

Holy Crud, Where Did The Time Go?!?!?!?!?

Posted: 19th April 2010 by Garaxiel in General

My lord all, and I apologize, I thought I would be better able to keep up with this Blog then I have been!  I guess I’ll just have to set aside a specific time during the week to make at least 1 post to keep people interested :P

Considering all 3 of you that are left reading here would like an update, probably :)

Well  life is good for the moment, just workin on the house, going on 6 months of married life and I’m not dead, that’s a bonus in my book :)

All in all, things are just moving along.

More later.  Sorry this is short, but i thought i had more to write about.

Guess not :)

Sorry for the dealy. Been geeking out…

Posted: 16th March 2010 by Garaxiel in General
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You know, Final Fantasy XIII Came out, and well, to say i’m geeking out is an understatement. I’ll write more later, but for now, all you need to know is i will save the l’Cie

Ugh. What a couple of weeks this has been. I seriously missed my Macbook. It wasn’t anything major, i simply has a nut that was built into the lid of the Macbook give way causing the whole thing to bend and creak and not quite shut right. So since I am the geek i am, took the whole macbook apart, went on Ebay, got the lid i needed, and now i am back in business :)

So finally got the lid today and am back in action. It’s amazing how much i hated using a foreign laptop at home. I had a spare one i was using simply because it was here, but it was smaller, ran windows, didn’t;t have anything on it hardly at all because it is just a spare, and while it did the job, every time i opened the damn thing up, i was like “for the love of pete please get me my parts soon damn it” because it was just brutal to use.

So now, i am back in action and it is wonderful to be back on my old macbook again :)

Other than that, life is good. Beat (at least one time through, definitely has re-playability) Dante’s Inferno on the PS3. Wow, amazing game. Really is one of the funnest and best games i have played in a very long time of it’s Genre. Currently i’m getting into Heavy Rain for the PS3. Now this game is amazing

No, it’s not always the prettiest/slickest game. Yes it has it;s flaws, but the style of gameplay with the flowing actions and reaction, no save points to load from, and every action is reaction/gut based rather then carefully planned out makes it a joy. Main character dies? too bad! move along! you forget an important piece of the game? guess your playing it again!! regardless though, it is a fantastic game and a lot of fun and a very very deep and engaging storyline. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different.

Anyways, other then that, life is normal, will report more later, hopefully. Take care internets.

Hello all, this is a quick update and a quick call for help.  I know most of you are already getting this form me on Facebook, but i need you to re-tweet this article, Digg it, anything you can.  Here is the story.

Shaun and I have been friends for many years, i have been with him through think and thin and he is like the brother i was separated at birth from.  Here’s the long and short of what i am asking.  Rob Thomas has a contest going on to help pick the design for his next single.  Great marketing and a great setup if you ask me.  Shaun, who is very talented, entered a picture for it.  Here’s the thing though, we think someone is scripting themselves to win, and maybe they will get caught, maybe they won’t (heck maybe they are just that much more popular, i dunno)  But here is some background on Shaun.  Besides being a good friend, he is a talented Writer and a talented Graphic Designer.  He has actually been shunned form jobs in journalism because he spoke up when others just dropped their heads and followed the pack.  Now, in this hectic economy, he is Jobless, going to school to finish his Masters to make him more marketable, trying to make ends meat with his wife, and soon to be born baby girl.  He works Sub Teaching Jobs while his wife also works full time to make ends meat.  It’s the story of that one friend who can;t seem to catch a break in this world and does need one.  So here is my call for help.  I want you to take this blog post and retweet it, digg it, put it up everywhere as i have and vote, daily, to help him win.  He gets no money form this, but he at least can put it in his portfolio and possibly help to get him a job where he will be able to showcase his talents.  So please, internets, please help.

Goto this link to vote. His design is the White on top Black on bottom mirror image cover (currently at this time in second place, thank you facebook).  Please vote, pass it along, and lets see if we can help him win.  If there is ever a need, this is it. thank you.

Just wanted this out there.

Posted: 8th February 2010 by Garaxiel in General

We are supposed to get between 6 and 10 inches of snow over the next 2 days


That is all :)

Apple…..I had such high hopes…..

Posted: 27th January 2010 by Garaxiel in General
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Ok, I’ll open with this.  I love apple products.  Their fit and finish is amazing, and i think they have a fantastic lineup.  Even the Apple TV and Mac Mini, which many will call a bust, I think are great little machines.

But the iPad, well, it falls way way short of expectations.

Now, granted, I’m not sure of the target market, but let’s call it your general use/commuter market. Guys on buses and trains, mobile people, that sort of thing.

Ok, so let’s look at the good parts. Pricing?  499 for the base model going up to 829 for the full blown mother of all models.  Of, not bad, personally, i wish they would have just gone 499, 599, 699 and had 3G and wifi in each (especially since it is not a contract needed, cancel anytime, don’t even have to use the 3G thing) but that’s my gripe.  Personally, i think by Christmas or this time next year that will be the pricing model, but I’m just speculating.

Next: app store.  Ok cool, it grabs my old apps, and sync’s over and blows them up.  Cool, fine, i like the idea, good going there apple.  Wireless sync though? really? why can’t i sync my stuff from my computer to my iPad wirelessly over my network? why do i still need a wire past initial setup?  come on Apple, your better then that.  So in that category, i call it a slight fail, they could have knocked it over the fence, but didn’t, and who knows why.

Ok, now here is the big one for me, and if you ask me a big fail, Ebook Reader.  Sure, they were not DIRECTLY going after the kindle but sure was hoping to knock it down a few pegs.  As far as it being a Newspaper/Magazine reader, with it’s size, color, and in-line video application.  Good deal!  heck, I’d even pay for a subscription to certain things on the device if they were priced low.  And i like the fact it is big enough to comfortably read books on, and using ePub as a standard, and even showing what looked like pages rendered with Graphics in them for like kiddy books, ok, that is pretty neat.

But pricing? WHAT THE HELL!!  So an amazon Kindle book, max i saw in their store was 9.99 for a book.  Apple, they didn’t say a max, but it could be whatever.  Boo to that.  Also, let’s take this example from their own Demo.

The book they picked was 14.95.  On the amazon Kindle, same book 9.99.  same publisher, not in a proprietary format like the kindle, so why can’t the price be the same? color? please!! it’s probably easier to leave the color in then to translate it to the Kindle format!!


So let’s use whole numbers to make it easier, Hardcover books cost 20 from the store, for an extra 5 you get a digital copy at a discount (cuz you know they aren’t gunna give it away, the publishers that is) Or without buying the book a straight digital copy is 10 dollars.  Now once you have read the book, you can SELL IT BACK on the iBookstore for 7 dollars.  Of those 7 dollars, 5 goes back to the seller, a dollar to Apple, and a dollar to the Publisher/Writer (let them figure it out).  Now why is this a good idea? publishers and writers are now making money where they were not before from a used book store!! it’s a damn GOLDMINE of new money for these people!  Now having the Bookstore setup like that would have made it a MUCH better platform and i might be salivating on when i can get my hands on one.  But as it stands now, overpriced books and such, i don’t want it, I’d rather have the Barnes and Noble Nook then this thing (and that’s not even getting into how good or bad the screen might be in a park on a bright sunny day).

So now mopving past that my other big gripes are:

30 Dollars for all the iWork apps? sure they are great and i am sure alot of work went into them, but let’s try 15 for the suite, or gimme Pages for free and for $20 i can buy keynote and numbers.  That’s a better solution

And so with Pages and stuff i can type and make things. SWEET!! what if someone wants a physical copy? can i connect to my Network printers at work? can i connect to my Domain at my job and put it on a network drive? no? WHAT THE HELL!!  how do i get ti to people?  Keynotes are generally too big for email!!  Wait, i might be able to buy more apps for that?  to me it sounds like you have hamstrung this device from getting data off it in a timely manner.  Sure i can hook it up to a Mac and sync it off and then move it around, but what if that is not an option as a business traveler?

As far as this unit goes, from a technology point, and from a proof of concept, it is really really awesome!! but past that, the software package, and the functionality, it loses, badly.  It doesn’t do anything in my life that a iPhone and a laptop can’t already do, and to be honest, they can do more, and sure, it’s not as heavy or whatever but do i really care if i still have to carry around a bunch of extra crap to use it?

Sorry apple, it’s a great product, but as far as functionality goes, either make it do more, or throw it away, cuz in it’s current setup, while cool, and you will sell them, i really don’t see a need for one, and i won’t be buying it.

Sound off though, I’m curious to hear other people’s ideas.

Side note: IPAD IS A DUMB NAME!!! i liked iSlate much better.  Hell even iCoaster is a better name I think.